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Made in Germany

High quality and short distances at the same time – this is what “Made in Germany” stands for. The Bioledex GoLeaf luminaires manufactured at the Augsburg production site can therefore always be delivered at short notice and meet the high demands placed on a quality product.


Special Production

Flexibility is the trump card. As a German manufacturer, we offer not only the standard spectra suitable for most applications, but also the option of having the luminaires specially adapted to your personal requirements. Changes of the light spectrum or of the electronics are possible even with small quantities.

As an official Osram partner, we use the latest Horticulture LEDs from OSRAM and the latest technology and research findings.

Own light laboratory

We put all our products through their paces in our in-house lighting laboratory. This enables us to determine and make all relevant data for lighting planning available, for example. At the same time, this ensures that only flawless articles leave our warehouse.
For our GoLeaf plant lamps and plant luminaires, luminous flux, light spectrum, PPF, luminous intensity, colour temperature, colour rendering, colour location, luminous flux curve, electrical power, efficiency and other parameters are tested regularly.
Among other things, we use an integrating sphere with a diameter of two metres and a goniophotometer. These instruments enable us to make particularly precise measurements and exact evaluations.

Research and Development

Even under the best conditions, plants cannot thrive if there is a lack of light. The composition also plays a decisive role. Bioledex GoLeaf luminaires therefore use different special LEDs with different spectra in an optimum mixing ratio. New experience values from practice and science are constantly incorporated.

We supply custom-made plant lamps for growing, flowering and growing various plant species. Numerous customers and institutions also appreciate our in vitro lighting in their laboratories worldwide.

We are happy to develop and produce the required light spectrum for your institute or university.

Project planning and consulting

We are happy to support our partners and end customers in the planning of new properties or the conversion of existing plants.

In addition to the pure light calculation, we can also give concrete recommendations regarding the ideal light spectra and the suitable luminaires.

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