GoLeaf E

The E-series plant cultivation lights are the right choice for the usage in greenhouses, shelf installations or cellars. Fixed Horti LEDs ensure high efficiency and safe yields during harvesting.

The tubular luminaires can be used individually, but can also be connected to form continuous rows. Due to their high IP protection class, these moisture-proof luminaires are specially designed for humid environments such as greenhouses or underground rooms.


  • Guaranteed organic yields through high-quality light spectrum
  • Energy-saving LED illumination for flower production, fruit formation and more biomass
  • Independence from sunlight and possible "prolongation" of the day for the plant
  • Optimum use of your cultivation area and yield per square metre
  • Reliable and maintenance-free operation thanks to passive cooling and proven technology
  • Space-saving mounting options on ceilings, walls or suspended from chains or ropes
  • Quick installation as series connection is possible
  • Impact resistant and easy to clean

Preferred application

  • Increased yields with consistently high quality and homogeneity of the crop
  • Installation on heavy-duty shelving units or system shelving units with storey extension / multilayer extension
  • Applications in damp rooms or linear applications in urban farming
  • Suspended illumination of long, narrow beds in different plant growth phases
  • Lower water consumption and ventilation performance thanks to lower room temperature compared to old grow lamps

Technical data

  • Up to 50W power
  • PPF up to 92.5 µmol/s
  • Beam angle: 120°
  • full spectrum or 450nm + 660nm
  • Cooling technology: Passive, without fan
  • Protection class: IP65 or IP44
  • Mounting: Hanging or wall mounting
  • Continuous row installation: E1 series can be connected in series

GoLeaf E1 - IP65, switchable series

Item number
Data sheet
56 µmol/s
Blue 450nm + Red 660nm
51,8 µmol/s
full spectrum 410-710nm

GoLeaf E2 - IP44

Item number
Data sheet
50 µmol/s
full spectrum 410-710nm
92,5 µmol/s
full spectrum 410-710nm
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