GoLeaf X

The X1 plant lamp is very well suited for growboxes up to an area of one square meter or for smaller greenhouses. It is designed for semi-professional use.

With the X1D version of the plant light you can easily switch between two light spectra. Switching is done via a manual switch on the housing. Thus you get two light spectra in only one assimilation light – without complicated control via app, remote control or cloud.


  • Passive cooling without water cooling or susceptible fans
  • PPF-strong and compact design
  • Mounting on beams, wall, ceiling or suspended
  • Simple switching of the grow-light spectrum manually
  • Optimal use of the cultivation area
  • Ideal for the cultivation of crops such as fruits or vegetables
  • Reduction of electricity costs and maintenance costs
  • Reliable and durable technology
  • Ensures consistent harvest quality

Preferred application

  • Efficient illumination of plants during fruit formation, growth and flowering phases
  • Reduction of energy and maintenance costs while increasing and securing the harvest
  • Illumination of growboxes, indoor farming, nurseries and greenhouses
  • Replacement of old HQL, QHI, HPS Grow Plant Lamps

Technical data

  • 150W Power
  • PPF up to 300 µmol/s
  • Beam angle: 120°
  • X1D Luminaire: Spectrum switch Full spectrum S1 or S4
  • Standard spectrum: full spectrum or 450nm + 660nm
  • Cooling technology: Passive, without fan
  • Protection class: IP65, dust- and waterproof
  • Mounting: Hanging or wall mounting
  • Sturdy metal housing with glass cover
  • Dimensions: 324 x 324 x 135 mm

Goleaf X1D - Change spectrum via switch

Item number
Data sheet
296 µmol/s
S1+S4 switchable: full spectrum 410-780nm

Goleaf X1

Item number
Data sheet
296 µmol/s
S1, full spectrum 410-710nm
260 µmol/s
S3, blue 450nm + red 660nm

Made in Germany Quality

We manufacture the Goleaf X series in Augsburg, Germany. The lights are subject to constant controls in our in-house light laboratory.

5 years warranty

We are fully convinced of the quality of the Goleaf X product series and offer our customers a 5-year warranty.

Top components

As an official Osram technology partner, the Goleaf X series features only the latest Horiculture LEDs from Osram and high-quality power supplies.


Special production from 1 piece possible: different cable lengths, plugs, connections, input voltage 110V/230V/400V, individual spectrum etc...

Custom manufacturing

In addition to many standard articles and models already available, we can also offer individual solutions and custom-made products to meet the wishes and ideas of our customers. The individualisation possibilities range from different material colours and properties to different technical properties and individual light spectra.

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