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Calculate Horticulture lighting online

LED Plant Lights *Made in Germany*

  • DEL-KO GmbH produces high-quality LED plant lights of the series “GoLeaf” directly in Germany, which offer a very high light performance and effectiveness.
  • Here you can calculate the photon flux density PPFD on the plants depending on the respective luminaire model.
  • The calculation is particularly important in the horticulture sector and for planning and implementing projects in the field of vertical farming or urban gardening.
  • Simply select the appropriate product and the distance between the lamp and the plant.
  • The lamps offer different light spectra, e.g. full spectrum or only red-blue. Individual and special solutions are also possible on request.
Additional information
    • Product overview of all our plant lamps: LED plant lamps
    • Overview of standard light spectra and full spectrum: Light spectra of the LED plant lamp
    • Contact us for Horticulture project enquiries and special productions: Contact

PAR means photosynthetically active radiation. It is the light radiation between 400-700 nanometers, which all plants can use for photosynthetic. PAR is given in nm.

PPF means photosynthetic photon flux. PPF is the PAR per second generated by the light source. PPF value is given in µmol/s.

PPFD is the Photosynthetic Photon flux density. This value describes how much PAR per second occurs on a surface. PPFD is given in µmol/m²s.

PPF/W is photosynthetic photon flux per watt. Meaning the PPF, which is achieved with one watt of power. Specified in µmol/Ws or µmol/J

DLI means daylight sum. DLI is therefore PAR, which occurs on a surface to be illuminated during the day. Specified in mol/m²d.

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