Solutions for plant lighting


Greenhouses are subject to extreme conditions such as high humidity or fluctuations in temperature and may be contaminated by fertilisers and chemicals. Therefore, robust and waterproof plant lamps and lights should be used.
With these it is possible to illuminate relevant areas and use different spectra. In the darker months of the year, the light intensity can be increased during the day and extended in the evening.


Regardless of weather and season, fresh herbs, vegetables or ornamental plants can always be grown indoors. It is important to provide the plants with sufficient light in the correct composition. We have a lot of experience with grow lighting of whole warehouses and closed rooms.

Vertical & Urban Farming

Cold environments are also no longer desirable in the city. Green walls create a lively atmosphere in offices or living areas and many people grow top-quality herbs, tomatoes or salads in their own homes. It is even possible to dispense with natural light.

Industry and Trade

Plants can be found almost everywhere. They create a pleasant atmosphere in the restaurant or hotel and provide a good indoor climate in the office. Special lamps keep them healthy and beautiful to look at. But it is also important to create an atmosphere for the plants in flower shops or specialist garden supply stores where they thrive and stay fresh.


With a Growbox you can grow plants in the flat, in the cellar or even in semi-professional facilities completely independent of the outside environment. Light, environmental conditions and irrigation can be precisely adjusted and easily changed in the tents. Since all components are standardised, they are also suitable for entry into plant breeding. The GoLeaf range also includes specially optimised LED growbox lamps. The Growboxes from HomeBox have proven to be a simple and safe propagator.

Research and Invitro

Progress in plant breeding is faster than ever before, mainly due to intensive research. One example is in vitro cultures. Water plants are propagated in a sterile environment using tissue cultures and are then sold or grown directly in the culture container. They are free of pesticides, parasites or weeds. At the same time, large yields can be achieved.

GoLeaf plant lamps are the right choice for this illumination and other newly developed processes, as they can be perfectly adapted and modified at the individual production.



Applications in the household are often underestimated, but the possibilities are immense. In the kitchen, there are often some herb pots that can thrive for a very long time with a discreetly attached plant lamp. But it is also no witchcraft to grow tomatoes in the cellar or to bring demanding plants such as orchids safely through the winter. The right light is important. The numerous designs and light spectra of GoLeaf luminaires make it possible to use the right lamp for each job. Either as a complete luminaire or as a light source with a standard base that can simply be inserted into an existing luminaire.


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